Welcome to the pit, motherfuckers

When you stare into the pit, the pit stares back
prepare to get informed

You could use 5 or 6 game guides, or, just 1

Are you tired of of having to look up several different guides, or struggling with incomplete information when you're stuck in a popular videogame? Frustrated with finding the same listicle copy/pasted onto six different game "journalism" sites? Anguished and despairing at Fandom's recent acquisition of GameFAQs and now virtual monopoly over all gaming wiki spaces? Me too. Let's do something about it shall we?

These are all examples of games I've struggled to find complete information for in one single guide, my aim is to personally play through these and other games I'm interested in and/or struggle to find a singular comprehensive guide for, write those comprehensive guides, and compile in a single place references to good guides written by others with full credit. (Shoutout here to the Nintendo Independant Wiki Alliance, a network of fan-run wikis for Nintendo properties taking a stand against web gentrification)

~*~Author Introduction~*~